Fl4k gender

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Fl4k gender

This is a list of fictional characters that either self-identify as non-binary or genderqueer or have been identified by outside parties as such. Listed are agenderbigendergenderfluidgenderqueer, and other characters of non-binary gender, as well as characters of any third gender. Not listed are characters with non-human gender experiences, such as robots or many aliens in science-fiction. Much like with gay and binary transgender characters, representation of non-binary gender is rare in fiction.

Eighty percent of non-binary people noted in a survey from Trans Media Watch that they felt media coverage of non-binary characters is poor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article.

Best Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters; All 4 Ranked

This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. Not to be confused with List of transgender and transsexual fictional characters or List of fictional intersex characters. LGBT portal Lists portal. Trans Media Watch. The Daily Dot. It's a girl! Retrieved 16 February The Elephants In Abby's Room.

Laughing Place. Archived from the original on 3 Jul August 13, Retrieved Another Way To Breathe. Bleeding Cool News And Rumors. The Huffington Post. The New York Times. The Telegraph. Screen Daily. Retrieved August 7, Screen Rant. The Daily Beast.

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The Guardian. March 20, FL4K is the preeminent murder-bot of borderlands 3, giving you a variety of ways to bring foes to their knees, or to the stubs where their knees used to be. Channel your inner mace Windu, Striking at an opponent's most vulnerable spots, dealing immense damage.

Become a sort of robotic virus and watch as everyone around you gloriously explodes. Command a Rakk armada, bombarding enemies with well, Rakk. All this and more is possible If you choose FL4K. Chernobyl skill tree. Radiation is the name of the game for this build, the goal of the game? With some well-placed skill points and some choice gear, you can be irradiating everything left, right, and center.

The qaudimizer is a legendary rocket launcher, it fires four projectiles in a horizontal line, it cycles between corrosive, incendiary, and radiation damage. So much yes. The Pestilence is a legendary COV pistol, it always deals radiation, and when it breaks, irradiates the vault hunter, this aspect is integral to this build.

The elemental Projector is an artifact prefix that increases the elemental damage you deal when infected with that same damage. This makes the pestilence the best weapon you have, and makes this build super fun. If you can, try to get an Elemental Projector Victory rush. The Red Suit is a legendary shield that provides you with immunity to rad damage, it also constantly deals radiation damage to everyone around you, this leaves you with zero drawbacks to using the pestilence extensively.

The hex is a legendary grenade that hones in on an enemy and then engulfs the area with its element, the recurring hex causes the grenade to split into three shortly after being thrown, and another three on impact. Getting this grenade in any element is great, especially the radiation for the purposes of this build. Thanatos build tree. Now for the skills that put it all together. The lyuda is a legendary sniper rifle, and it is a boss shredder.

fl4k gender

It perfectly compliments the damage oriented build. The lyuda shoots one bullet that splits into three bullets after a time, the bullet on either side fanning out from the original. The Butcher is a legendary shotgun that -like the name suggests- butchers enemies The Butcher's high fire rate and reverse recoil pretty much makes it an assault rifle with the damage output of a shotgun. The Gatling Gun is a legendary assault rifle, a classic straightforward Jacobs, the longer you hold down the button, the faster it fires!

The otto idol is a legendary artifact that Provides a nice amount of health regeneration whenever you kill an enemy. Rakk atakk! Now that the skils are covered time for the gear.Obviously the controversy here is part of the reason they teased the character the way they did. This is further enforced by non-binary just meaning that it uses quantum computing, instead. Just a thought on how the character is written, while avoiding the obvious debate already simmering.

This is GB though. And thank God they did. That is in no way the case. Say what you want on the whole FL4K gender vs non-gender debate, but in no way does this machine actually relate to that of a non-binary or trans individual.

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Trans people are people transitioning from their original sex to another sex because they believe and feel they are not what they were born as. As of now, it is a literal it. So another thing is one of the pins they are wearing in the style sheet is binary 1s and 0s crossed out in the colors of a nonbinary pride flag.

They are like… literally wearing a nonbinary pride pin. Whoops wrote my comment at the same time as you writing your comment. I respect this reply. Instead of getting into all these debates. Their pronoun is they. I just referred to a singular they multiple times in a sentence that is very commonly structured. We use singular they.

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People only wanna forget it exists when it means they can ignore the existence of people they find inconvenient. The character is who the writers and designers intended the character to be. So, that is who FL4K is in the game.

fl4k gender

Players can individually either go with it, ignore it, head-cannon the character differently, or choose a different one entirely. But that is their choice; the writers have made a deliberate choice in creating this character, which resonates with many fans of the games and users of these forums. FL4K the Beastmaster. Queen of Bunnies. May 12,pm 2.

FL4K's choice of pronouns. Sljm Really, really, ridiculously good-looking May 12,pm 5. This topic is a master class in how to find the pun, while also totally missing it. May 13,am 9.

fl4k gender

But more importantly. That is all. Also OMG that pin is amazing and I need one. You all might actually be right. Sljm Really, really, ridiculously good-looking May 13,pm Fl4k is played by burgerdrome - happy birthday, Timmy!

Probably one my favorite Jesper Kyd and in general Video Game music. Gearbox, was it too hard to ask for a clip of Amara and Brick arm-wresting? I wish I can make some icons with screenshots I took but I dont know how to use Photoshop, so Im gonna draw the character I want to make icons with pride flags I plan to make one of all canonically LGBTs characters from Borderlands… And some headcannons too, hehe.

More screenshots! This time featuring Xylorgos wildlife, Moxxie with a jackpot of her own, and ramen-hood and I at the Maliwan Takedown. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most popular Most popular Most recent.

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First few days after Borderlands 3 was realized. Show more notes. Gamerbro - Borderlands 3 Fl4k is played by burgerdrome - happy birthday, Timmy! Borderlands character pictures, Pt 3.

Quarantine day slowly loosing my sanity. Borderlands 3 artwork. Gearbox please I just want to talk, come on man I ju. Aesthetic of the Vaults. Quarantine boredom is making me do anything but answer my requests credit me! Borderlands 3 borderlands 3 spoilers bl3 bl3 spoilers guns love and tentacles Zane flynt FL4K mad moxxi I really love the Ghost ice dogs and also i just love taking pictures of Zane borderlands.

Troy Calypso. I tried to take a cool picture of him … :. Heh, Nice Gearbox.The four new Vault Hunters of Borderlands 3 are all well-versed in a wide variety of weaponry, but what really sets them apart from the average mercenary are their unique skill sets. Hop over to the pages dedicated to Amara the SirenFL4K the BeastmasterMoze the Gunnerand Zane the Operative to explore interactive versions of their skill trees, complete with descriptions of each skill and the benefits they provide.

It's the perfect opportunity to start planning out your favorite build for taking on the bandits, beasts, and bosses of dangerous planets like PandoraPrometheaand Eden Within each skill tree, be sure to check out all the available Action Skills and their Action Skill Augments, along with character-specific perks like FL4K's Pet or Moze's weapon attachments mounted onto her Iron Bear mech.

You can invest points between all three skill trees however you see fit, charting a course for what your Vault Hunter's skill trees will look like once you reach the Level 50 cap.

Best of all, you can share your skill selections with the world when you're done building your personalized Vault Hunter. Plan ahead with your Borderlands 3 co-op buddies by sharing your builds now and avoid that embarrassing moment of showing up to the multiplayer party with the same loadout.

If you happen to misclick while excitedly reading these skill descriptions, don't worry - you can easily undo spent skill points without having to start over from scratch. Get into those skill trees, start theorycrafting your own perfect Vault Hunter builds, then share them for all to admire. And if you're looking for even more ways to personalize your Vault Hunter, check out the Vault Insider Program and its cosmetic item rewards.

Sign up to receive news, promotional messages, and Borderlands info from 2K and its affiliates. Buy Now. Borderlands 3 skill tree details are subject to change. Get News and Updates Sign up to receive news, promotional messages, and Borderlands info from 2K and its affiliates. Published and distributed by 2K. All rights reserved.

If you are looking for Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, click here.Their action skills let them send forth dive-bombing Rakk, teleport Gamma Burst-irradiated pets through rifts, and even Fade Away to temporarily become invisible while moving faster and regenerating health. FL4K is also an emergent AI who has recently become self-aware and is on a journey of self-discovery.

However, the inclusion of the pin and non-binary pride flag colours says otherwise. I asked them if the references were a conscious decision as a way to make FL4K a non-binary character. So, technically non-binary, but also yeah. When I started playing, I was incorrectly referring to FL4K as him simply due to their voice and physicality.

This speaks to my own preconceptions and assumptions, which is unfortunate. Thankfully, I quickly recognised my error and corrected myself.

FL4K being non-binary is a good example of games being inclusive. Non-binary players will be able to see something of themselves in the game, a small feature of a character and for them, it may be incredibly important. I've been playing games for the past 27 years and have been writing for almost as long.

Combining two passions in the way I'm able is a true privilege. Tags: 2K Borderlands Borderlands 3 Gearbox. About Leo Stevenson I've been playing games for the past 27 years and have been writing for almost as long. How to get the fastest Borderlands 3 framerate on PS4 Sep 13, Become a Patron! Find us on. Type and press Enter to search.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Reject Read More.In Borderlands 3not all Vault Hunters are created equal.

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Each brings a unique playstyle to the table, and some kind of utility to the multiplayer aspect of the game. Except for Moze, who brings instead her mech, Iron Bear, and a never-ending stream of automatic gunfire, which I suppose has a certain utility all its own.

fl4k gender

While not a bad character by any means, Moze is just a little too focused on a particular playstyle in a game about character flexibility. Her Shield of Retribution tree does have the Drowning in Brass skill, which increases gun damage nicely for the party, but outside of that everything else focuses on Moze herself or Iron Bear. You would think then, that she would make for a great solo character in Borderlands 3, but again here she takes the last place.

Borderlands 3 Official Reveal Trailer

Like a foul-mouthed Han Solo, Zane is a lovable rogue with a serious personality complex. In my opinion, Zane is a step above the rest when it comes his voice acting, and the general vibe you get playing as him. Zane brings some great utility to the team, through his Under Cover skill tree in particular.

Gearbox confirms that FL4K is the franchise’s first non-binary character

This makes him an asset to any team, and his Hitman abilities make him just as deadly when played solo, as well. Pour some points into the Doubled Agent tree and you will be dropping frags like their hot potatoes.

Combining elemental damage, sustained survivability and brutal melee abilities is a heady mix and makes for an aggressive and funs style of play. Amara has multiple options for getting the most out of elemental weapons, and can even imbue standard weaponry with status effects via her Infusion skill. Borderlands 3 is game where the toughest enemies come packing shields or armor plating, this understated ability means she can chew through the toughest foes with ease.

The Brawl tree is all about making Amara a monster in close quarters combat, capable of dishing out and taking immense amounts of hurt.

YouTube is already full of guides to make incredibly overpowered builds that are exciting to play and put out huge damage numbers. The downside to Amara, at least in my opinion, is that playing her solo is quite a lonely experience.

Amara only has her fists to keep her company. Wandering from planet to planet, hunting the most dangerous game they can find, FL4K is an enigmatic character capable of putting out massive damage numbers… and has access to a bunch of cute and deadly pets, which is always a plus.

FL4K is the most versatile character in Borderlands 3, useful in any situation and an absolute blast to play as. Their various pets can fulfill any role that is required on the battlefield, from tanking to DPS to healing, even flinging feces as required.

An amalgam of AI constructs that eschews gender, FL4K has an interesting and hilarious take on the events of Borderlands 3.


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