4g63 transmission options

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4g63 transmission options

There has been much debate as to which transmission to use for the swap. Transmissions play a very big part in the selection of a block to work with.

As you may have read in the 4G6x sectionthere are two types of bellhousings available: wide and narrow. These two bellhousing when measured from the lower two bolts are These are not the only differnces. The upper bolts are also both different as are the starter bolt positions. These differences can open and close windows very quickly for your swap. Choose wisely and read this site to determine which transmission to use.

There are many differnet ways to mate a transmission to the 4G6x Engine. Details on the following can be found below:. To understand the relationship between the D50 and Starion transmissions, we need to do a quick lesson on the KM transmission. The transmissions are far from the same though. The tailhousings can be of different lengths, including ones with a tranfercase hanging off the back.

The major difference that we need to pay attention to is the bellhousing pattern. This transmission is offered with both patterns so switching is very simple. More details area available below. The Starion transmission is a great choice for a Starion swapper on a budget who plans to rebuild the motor. This is a great alternative to tossing in a tired old 4G63 straight from the donor and dealing with the consequences.

The savings from using this transmission will offset the costs of sourcing a wideblock and rebuilding it. You avoid the costs both time and money of replacing the clutch, flywheel, driveshaft, shifter, crossmember, etc.Confused by all of the options for your 4G63 based project? Need to build the engine but having a hard time determining what you can build. To start out, one must understand the fundamental differences of materials and tolerances use to build engines.

Should I build my engine to handle more power than I expect to need, to build in room for future power growth? An engine which tighter piston to wall clearance and less ring gap will not typically destabilize the piston on start up which is a common forged piston cold start artifact. Forged pistons expand under heat, but also contract during cold. When a piston warms up, it is expanding until it reaches running temperature but until that happens, the larger piston to wall clearance will allow the piston to rattle in the boreā€¦ it is subtle and sometimes silent, but it is a side effect that will wear the bore of the block out faster.

As a general rule, we recommend that customers build an engine to suite their power goals for the maximum life expectancy. Many engines in common use today use components based in both 4G63 and 4G64 geometries. Since the 4G64 block is essentially the same, except 6mm taller, and the geometry of the internals is compatible, many people choose to rely on components or similarly sized components to achieve hybrid builds of varying displacements.

The illustration above highlights the critical locations of measurements used to determine the piston requirements, but the basic builds use either the 4G64 or 4G63 block with either the mm 4G64 crank or the 88mm 4G63 crank. The factory rod length is mm for these engines but many times mm rods are used to change the rod ratio as well. These combinations are further bolstered by the use of various aftermarket crank solutions which, in combination with the correct pistons or, in some instances, custom pistons, to complete a shortblock assembly.

This is a trendy topic and quite frankly, dependent on technology and tuning advancements so there is never a clear stand out winner but the main choices tend to boil down to the following displacements. There are a myriad of variations of these engines that all attempt to increase either revolutions holding capacity or displacement, all with the intent of holding more power by creating more exhaust energy to feed a larger turbo.

Which ones is best for you? That will depend on how the above can affect your use of the car and long term goals, but what we can tell you, is that we can help build you and recommend you specific configurations to keep you and your car happy. I recently purchased a evo with a bottom end knock.

I am just about to bring the car home. I know I am going to have to build a motor for it. I would like to know my best option. I am a Subaru guy but I like to drive hard.

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I blew my last ej up so I figured I would try a Evo. I only have the 2. I would like a motor capable of handling power reliably but also understand bthat depends how I drive It. What would your opinion be and what would the cost be in CAD?

Thank you for your time. Your Cart Summary. Choose Your Car. Evo X. Mustang Ecoboost. Fiesta ST. Shop 4G63 Internals and Assemblies from MAPerformance To start out, one must understand the fundamental differences of materials and tolerances use to build engines. More Posts. Very helpful read. Thanks for taking the time out in providing this.All Rights Reserved. Boostin Performance Parts.

Hats, T-shirts, Decals, Gift Certificates, etc. Aero Upgrades. OEM Mitsubishi. Over the past few years, we have been developing a short block for those looking to build a motor that can withstand the 1,WHP mark.

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Sick of breaking 4th gear? Our BP M Transmission Output Shaft features some key design changes and special treatment to help withstand the incredible forces imposed on this part. This is the perfect solution for every high horsepower 4G63 destroying their trans output shaft. This product is for manual transmissions only. Our BP Stage 3 Cylinder Head package has proven itself in some of the most powerful and fastest 4G63's in the country!

The foundation of the Boostin Performance short block starts with a freshly decked, bored, and honed engine block. Boostin Performance M Upgraded T-case starts with rebuilding your core. Seals are replaced, everything is re-shimmed for high horsepower applications, and the bearings are replaced if needed.

This adapter bolts into place of the factory MDP sensor on top of the stock 2G intake manifold.The concept is pretty simple. You want drive your vehicle's rear wheels with your favorite Mitsubishi engine.

From here, things can get much more complicated.

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What will you need to buy? Will you need to move the engine? What transmission will you use? How will you run the water pipes, intercooler pipes, fuel linesetc? This is the bulk of what we discuss on Project Zero G. Our members' answers to these questions have evolved over the years as we've experimented on our own swaps.

Is there a right way? Not yet, but the prefered recipe is always evolving. The costs of doing the swap are shrinking every year thanks to this discussion making rear wheel drive 4G63 swaps even more enticing. Over the years members of the site have contributed a great deal of information making swaps easier, cleaner, cheaper, faster, more reliable, and more fun.

The goal of Project Zero G is not to do a single motor swap, but to form a community of people who want to. The intelligent and free thinking atmosphere has also helped spread information on head conversions, hybridization, and cross brand compatibility making it a great source of information for "wrong wheel drive" Mitsubishi tuners as well.

Join the discussion in the forums! There are some basic things we must think about before doing a 4G63 swap. First, you may want to read up on the "Sirius" family of motors sometimes refered to as "4G6x" on here. This will help you to gain an understanding of what options you have when selecting parts and budgeting your swap. There are several variations of 4G6x motors depending on the model and year so be sure to be specific. It is also helpful to understand what parts are interchangable.

There are some wonderful combinations that you can make simply by separating the part's purpose from its application. This doesn't need to follow makes, models or engine families even.

Some examples: Mazda Pickup truck bellhousings can be used to put an RX7 transmission behind a wideblock 4G6x. GSXR motorcycle coils don't care if they're on a motorcycle engine or a 4G63 automobile engine as long as you give them the correct signal.

Most information on the site refers to swapping a 4G6x into a Starion or Conquest, but most concepts can be used for swapping into any vehicle. Choosing a Strategy The very first step is to determine what you want and what you've got to work with. Do you just happen to have a 4G63 laying around, and a Conquest with a cracked head and figured What the heck?

This is how many people start.

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This is fine, but other things must be considered before jumping in. Do you have the tools, time and money to see this through? This swap may look simple at first, but the beauty is in the details.

While it is easy to think "I want this motor. What transmission bolts up? For this reason, please read through the whole site before you make up your mind. If things are still unclear, feel free to ask any of us a question on the forum. Mitsubishi were the first to build a RWD 4G63 car.

Thank goodness.For this installment Doug's Dynopower wasted no time in focusing on the cylinder head which had escaped unscathed so far.

A ported unit, complete with stainless-steel valves and stout internals, is an excellent way to maximize the efficiency of the turbo's boost. Once Doug's Dynopower removed the stock head, the crew was amazed with the virtually perfect stock ports; no severe mismatches between the valve seats and pockets as most production heads have.

At any rate, another head was ported and fitted with heavy-duty stainless valves from Supertech Performance, Inc. The Supertech valves are black nitrided for increased durability and less friction. The valve's seat surface is hardened as well-a much-welcomed attribute with today's fuels. From a performance standpoint, the valve's undercut stems let more air pass the valve even at low-lift or low engine speeds, which means more potential down low in the powerband.

A fresh set of Crower valve springs and retainers round out the valvetrain combination. Sometimes engine builders get carried away with hogging out large ports and fitting oversized valves in a cylinder head. The result is a race head that may produce big numbers on the flow bench, but won't perform on the street in the real world. The head, turbo and cam are a team and need to deliver the goods at a usable engine speed.

4g63 transmission options

For a street-use 4G63 engine, new stock-size valves, a set of fresh springs, mild port work and a set of cams like the Crowers produce a head package capable of supporting upwards of hp. A side note, the Venom sheetmetal intake helps tremendously from rpm on up. While the use of an aftermarket intake on a 4G63 is always in dispute; on this application the Venom unit is very effective.

4g63 transmission options

A loss of low-end torque is miniscule when compared with the mid- and top-end gains made with the straight-runner intake. This reiterates the importance of supporting mods and we should add the intake manifold to the aforementioned list of turbo, head and cam.

4G63 Engine Building Basics 101

Topping the 4G63 with a built head netted roughly 20 whp when ran at the same boost level. Boost built faster and much more smoothly. The engine revved to rpm very quickly in any gear. Distinctly different was how the engine seemed to make the same power as before with psi less boost. The gains from the head and valves would be even more noticeable at higher boost levels. Driving the Galant on the street and dropping the hammer at mid-range in the powerband causes the car to spin all four tires at psi-quite a sight to behold.

4g63 transmission options

Doug's Dynopower says it worked great, probably the best sized unit for a street vehicle that can also handle up to 25 psi for the track on race fuel. The Garrett GT model flows 55 lbs of air.

To complement the new turbo, Doug's Dynopower also used a Tial 46mm external wastegate.Abandoned MatchesAll bets are void apart from markets where the outcome is already determined.

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4g63 transmission options

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4G63 Engine Power Options, Part 6 - To Infinity And Beyond!

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4G63 Transmission disassembly Part 2

Have a friend assemble one according to the latest recommended specs. It does matter if you use Mac or PC??. Hope that clears it up.

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